Queen’s Scepter Lipstick Air Lip Glaze Female Matte Matte Not Easy To Take Off Waterproof Student Lip Gloss Lipgloss Lipstick

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1) We support 1 piece of shipping (1 piece on behalf of the national freight 4 yuan,)

& nbsp;1, direct application, then contact customer service to pass the audit.

2, consignment docking link, after the customer photographed, the system will synchronize the order, synchronous delivery, you just need to confirm the order and then pay, if your platform does not support this function, your Taobao customer orders in your shop, you use your customer address in our shop with the corresponding product order. After we deliver the goods, you copy the express order on the order of this customer in our store to order the goods, and the customer will see the synchronous logistics.

2) Wholesale Requirements: Mixed Batch

3) After-sales problem: wholesale profit is meager, such as baby is not satisfied, or road damage and other series of problems, acceptable exchange! (No quality problems in the return process of all freight costs need the buyer to take care of themselves, the seller does not bear!) )

4) receiving address and consignee name, please give details, especially telephone, must be unblocked! After the goods are sent out, the buyer will change the address to transfer or return the goods. The freight generated shall be borne by the buyer himself!

5) When you receive the goods, you must count the goods in the presence of the courier! If there is a shortage, you must contact us immediately! Do not come to tell us what has not been received after signing, and the problems after signing are borne by the consignor himself! (the doorman signs on behalf of him, and if he does not sign for the receipt, it will be counted as signed in.)

6) Speed problem: Large goods can be sent to logistics. Logistics is basically about a week. The speed problem is also a problem that has been bothering us all the time. In case of urgent need of products or impatience, please be careful. Sometimes the weather will affect the speed of express delivery. Don’t chase and ask when we will arrive. We can help you to rush the express delivery, but we can’t control the express delivery! Don’t be angry with us because of the speed of express delivery and the attitude of individual couriers!

7) Do not accept low score: pro, the above questions look after what problems, can be directly consulted! Our shop does not accept: giveaways do not ah, courier slow ah, courier attitude is not good ah, things did not imagine the force ah. Product road broken, but you do not solve ah and so on these problems resulting from low score!

8) Due to the physical store sales, do not rule out the phenomenon of shortage after ordering goods, we will strictly follow the pro order delivery, if there is a shortage, we will contact the buyer by phone, hope to understand!

9) About products and pictures in kind, but it does not rule out the color difference due to different displays! After that, I hope everyone can cooperate happily, develop together and advance together.

[express]: query online customer service! [logistics]: optional or we can deliver goods randomly for you!

We cherish every good comment. If you feel dissatisfied after receiving Dongdong, please contact my customer service Wangwang quickly, and we will give you a proper solution. Please make a comment after solving the problem for you. Please do not give a medium or bad comment without contacting the store. It’s really malicious. We will complain to the end. Please understand

We insist on good quality, affordable price, patient service, true expression – integrity and mutual benefit, consistent words and deeds; let everyone shopping here can get a sincere response.

■ when the buyer receives the package, please inspect the package in person (in front of the staff), open the package to check the contents, and confirm that the goods you have received meet the description, pictures, specifications and quantity of the goods you purchased, and there is no damage before signing for your package. If you have any problem, please contact us in time!!! If you check and sign privately, we will not be responsible for any problems! Thank You for Your Cooperation.

Return on quality issues: Please check carefully after receiving the goods, if you find serious quality problems, please provide the appropriate pictures, and within three days to send;

Evaluation: If you are satisfied with my products and services, trouble you after the commodity transaction to take the time to make an evaluation on the order, our growth can not be separated from your support, with your support, I will do better.

■ As for the efficacy and allergy of skin care products, I believe your parents also understand very well that many of them will vary from person to person … Everyone has different skin types, even if they are oily, they will also cause different results due to objective factors such as absorption/weather/environment/method, etc.





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5 reviews for Queen’s Scepter Lipstick Air Lip Glaze Female Matte Matte Not Easy To Take Off Waterproof Student Lip Gloss Lipgloss Lipstick

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    Perfect. Good price. I recommend this seller.

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    Very beautiful color holds good very noble packed

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